02/11/2015 Spain RDES20151102001
Spanish university is seeking an industrial partner interested in being part of a proposal in the H2020 programme, topic SC1-PM-06-2016 "Vaccine development for malaria and/or neglected infectious diseases". The partner sought will lead the production of the pathogen and its inactivation in the scale of hundreds of litres in order to manufacture the clinical lots. It shall be authorised for Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2 or P2)
02/11/2015 United Kingdom RDUK20151028001
A UK university has discovered a class of natural compounds able to target transient receptor potential channels (TRPC) which are therapeutic targets for several disorders. The project aims to further examine the efficacy of these natural compounds using disease models, pharmacokinetics, and healthy volunteers. Academic partners (particularly with in vivo disease models) and pharmaceutical companies are sought to join the consortium for this Horizon 2020 project proposal.
02/11/2015 Germany BODE20151102001
German SME with more than 20 years experience in supplying the German dental market offers high quality dental alloys. They are one of the few European manufacturers of non-precious alloys from their own production site in Germany. The alloys which are based on cobald, chrome or nickel are for all indications and CE certified. They look for industrial partners e.g. agents, traders or distribution partners worldwide for commercial agency or distribution services agreement.
03/11/2015 France TOFR20151014001
A power supply SME from Northern France has developed and patented a very mobile and lightweight equipment for providing very quickly high electric power at any place and any moment. This system uses various kind of existing engines widely available in the area of use. So it is much more flexible, cheaper and less polluting than traditional generators. The company is looking for partners interested in license agreements / commercial partnerships with technical assistance.
03/11/2015 United Kingdom RDUK20151013001
A Scottish (UK) R&D SME is looking for consortium partners for Horizon 2020 call SCC-02-2016-17. The project aim is to improve urban resilience to climate change (mitigation and adaptation) and enhance water resources management sustainability through deployment of nature-based solutions and other technologies in a number of frontrunner and follower cities. An experienced project coordinator, city partners, social scientists and other green infrastructure specialists are sought.
04/11/2015 Singapore, Republic of TRSG20151103001
A Singapore company in the food and beverage industry is looking for affordable labels for food packaging that can indicate if the contents of the food items are safe for consumption, such as by means of time detection or detecting if they are exposed to external air. The company is keen on the following partnerships with an SME that can offer a suitable technology and to cooperate to expand into the Asian markets together: i) Joint Venture ii) Technical co-operation iii) Licensing
05/11/2015 Singapore, Republic of TRSG20151104001
A Singapore company which conducts combustible gas leak surveys is looking for a light weight, portable gas leak detection system with high accuracy and high sensitivity to perform gas leak survey for underground gas distribution pipelines and residential gas pipelines. The company is open to the following types of partnerships: i) License agreement ii) Joint Venture iii) R&D Cooperation iv) Technical Cooperation
05/11/2015 United Kingdom BOUK20151103001
A UK based cyber-security consultancy offers cyber-security services to small and medium size businesses including audits, policies and procedures, vulnerability scans, data encryption, cyber- security awareness training and business continuity planning. The company offers to act as an outsourced provider or subcontractor to partners seeking to enhance their existing IT offering. The company would also consider a direct services agreement with any SME seeking cyber-security consultancy services.
06/11/2015 Italy RDIT20151028001
An Italian SME is looking for partner SMEs to contribute to the creation of a new water container in PET (12 liters), using as low as 120 gr of plastic, obtaining a completely recyclable container.The project partners and the proponent will evaluate the is opportunity to submit the idea for SME Instrument Phase 2 or FTI Pilot.